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The Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority was formed in May 2018 to help design, develop and implement the proposed Delta Conveyance program, an infrastructure project to support the resiliency of California’s fresh water supply via a proposed single tunnel solution.

Who We Are

The DCA Board of Directors is currently being reorganized based on the Amended and Restated Joint Powers Agreement which because effective as of December 31, 2020. DCA Directors are expected to be selected in the coming month and seated at the February DCA Board Meeting.  More information is available at Delta Conveyance Design and Construction JPA – December 31, 2020

Board of Directors

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Bob Tincher

Alternate Director
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Royce Fast

Alternate Director
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Dennis LaMoreaux

Alternate Director
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DCA Team


Browse the links below to locate governance documents related to the Delta Conveyance Program, including bylaws, agreements and policies.