Welcome to theDelta Conveyance Design & Construction Authority

Aerial view of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

What is Delta Conveyance?

The proposed Delta Conveyance Program would develop new facilities to modernize the State Water Project. It is intended to protect this vital infrastructure and its water supply by guarding against disruptions caused by sea level rise, climate change and seismic threats.
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Holly Nichols, a senior engineering geologist and  
Nick Hightower, a engineering geologist, both with the California Department of Water Resources, examine a slope during a site inspection near the Lake Oroville main spillway in Butte County, California. Photo taken March 22, 2018.

Ken James / California Department of Water Resources, FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY

Virtual Tours

The DCA has created virtual tours of the proposed project that cover detailed information on all proposed sites including site plans, site information and proposed routes for construction traffic.
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An excavator cuts material along a levee

Latest Progress

Stay up to date on the latest developments regarding the Delta Conveyance Program. Follow project progress, find an upcoming event or board meeting and read the latest news about Program components and team members.
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