Miguel Luna

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Miguel Luna

Director, representing Metropolitan Water District  

Miguel Luna is a Metropolitan Water District Director, one of five directors appointed by the Mayor of Los Angeles representing Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

He is sought after and respected locally, regionally, and statewide for his expertise in working with diverse communities on social justice issues and advocacy, and for his ability to utilize community reconnaissance to develop and implement effective outreach tools and mechanisms for grass-roots coalition and consensus building. He specializes in cultivating relationships with and between community-based organizations, businesses, elected officials, environmental organizations, academia, governmental agencies, and individual stakeholders at the grass-roots level.

Miguel grew up in a city next to a river in his hometown in Colombia, in that river he developed a kinship with water. In the late 70’s he emigrated with his mother to Los Angeles where he found the LA River. That childhood kinship with water and rivers continues till this day and is the main drive behind his work. Over the last two decades Miguel has worked on master planning projects at the city and regional level that have led to the augmentation of urban green space, the augmentation of water supply and improvement of water quality and has worked on funding measures with a focus on bringing resources to under-resourced communities. His practice has a specific focus in fostering participation in planning efforts among people who might not have previously participated in these and moderating effectively among people who might anticipate little common ground.

Miguel is the CEO of Urban Semillas. He also serves as the Tribal Historic and Cultural Preservation Department Director at the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians and serves on the boards of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Water Education for Latino Leaders, Community Nature Connection, Pacoima Beautiful, Vincent Price Art Museum and serves as the Executive Director of the Southeast Arts and Cultural Foundation.